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Expanding your business is helped by experienced eyes and the right tools to manage growth. We offer tailor-made solutions developed around your needs to help you make the most of opportunities and mitigate any problems on the way. This is achieved through in depth financial reporting and tracking key performance indicators that are specific and measurable to your business.

With decades of experience, a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, and expertise in the latest financial tools and software, Lumin offer a top-rated business accountancy package perfect for any growing company.

Accountants Alongside

Managing a business on your own can make you feel very isolated and stressed. You don’t have to do it on your own. With us, by your side, you can feel confident in your business. We are here to share the highs and help during the lows.

At Lumin, we aren’t a separate business with no interest, we see ourselves as partners working closely with you and give you all the help and guidance you need to grow your business.

Work happier with Lumin.

accountant alongside

Managing Growth

Growing a business is more complicated than simply increasing your client base, or employing more staff. Done correctly, business growth marks a consolidation into a new stage of success; but stretching too far can cause issues on working capital and cashflow.

Lumin has the expertise to help you develop a strong growth plan, expanding your business at a rate that works, and with the finances placed firmly in the centre.

managing growth

Finding Opportunties

With the right tools at your side, it is easier to find and exploit the opportunities that exist to help your business grow and thrive. Lumin’s comprehensive toolset, including a full understanding of your company finances through detailed digital reporting, means you are able to respond faster to opportunities, and dive into them with confidence.

finding opportunities

Mitigating Threats

There are always threats to our business, whether it is in terms of external forces we cannot predict or prevent, or in terms of internal issues that can tear down foundations if left unchecked.

A complete and instant overview of the company’s accounting, available at your fingertips when you need it, combined with the experience of Lumin’s expert accountants, puts you in a position of strength. Through comprehensive reporting, trading issues become evident on the horizon, so action can be taken early on.

mitigating threats

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